Lake Dunstan Boat Club


a Special Sailing Regatta November 25 & 26 2023
Yes its being repeated and now part of the new southern region laser series!!. So yes we are doing it again! 2023 dates are 25th and 26th November . We arent going to be examining your boat for look alike sails foils or whatever. So as long as its true to class spirit and doesnt give you an unfair advantage, so that the playing field is relatively even, we'd love to see you there.
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The Lake Dunstan Boat Club was formed in 1987 as an Incorporated Society by a group of keen yachting, boating and diving enthusiasts in anticipation of the filling of Lake Dunstan following the completion of the Clyde Dam project. The club secured a lease over land at the entrance to McNulty Inlet adjacent to Lake Dunstan and very near to Cromwell. Funds were secured for the club to build a clubhouse/boat storage facility and to erect a secure compound for outside storage of boats. It has an excellent Zodiac safety/coach boat, four 420 two person sailing dinghies andtwo Vikings sailing dinghies for kids to learn in. Club membership is made up of power boat owners and sailing enthusiasts

The clubs location at McNulty Inlet is the perfect location for the club with its all weather launching facilities and sheltered, safe water which is ideal for instruction of beginners. The clubhouse overlooks the main lake and races/instruction can be started, run and observed from directly in front of the club. The club owns its building outright. It is modern and in a very good state of repair. We are able to keep boats secure either undercover inside the club building or outside when boats are in frequent use in a fenced and locked compound. The membership is modest but within that membership is a wealth of experience and capability that is being harnessed and focused on building the clubs future capabilities and promoting sailing through the Community Sailing Programme we started running in 2008.